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ICYMI: Townhall Releases Profile on Conservative Meagan Hanson



ATLANTA – In case you missed it, Townhall yesterday released a brand new profile piece on Meagan Hanson, conservative candidate running to replace liberal Lucy McBath in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. Meagan, who is the only Republican in her race with a track record of winning competitive swing districts, spoke with Townhall about her priorities, from ending big government spending, to fighting crime, to stopping cancel culture and other attacks on family values.


Click HERE to read the piece or view excerpts below:


“‘We have a Democrat congresswoman who does nothing but rubber-stamp the liberal left’s agenda,’ Hanson said in an interview with Townhall. ‘She has been rubber-stamping everything from H.R. 1 to federalized elections to voting for taxpayer-funded abortions. She’s not listening to our constituents, and the families across CD 6 are absolutely hurting because of the massive amounts of debt that she keeps rubber-stamping from the Biden administration and Nancy Pelosi.’


Prioritizing safety overarches several of Hanson’s platforms as she says she’ll support legislation that protects funding for the police and, at the national level, support legislation that protects our nation’s borders. Apart from crime spikes, another issue plaguing Hanson’s Congressional District is rampant cancel culture and “woke” curriculum pervading public schools – issues that influence her not only as a lawmaker but as a mother.


‘We are seeing this trickle-down effect of cancel culture permeating our lives, from moving the MLB game from Atlanta, cancel culture in our schools, and basically trying to remove parental involvement from our schools, whether it be with mask mandates or certain curriculum that parents don’t want being taught. It’s permeating every aspect of our lives,’ Hanson said. ‘I 100 percent understand now what it means to fight for your kids’ future. That’s what’s on the line right now.’


While the midterm elections are more than a year away, campaign efforts for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District are underway as state redistricting takes place simultaneously with the potential to make McBath’s seat more competitive. But, come 2022, perhaps Hanson will join the ranks of the record number of women flipping seats in the House chamber.


‘I’m the only proven candidate in this race who’s actually won a campaign, period, but done exactly what we need to do here, which is flip a seat from Democrat to Republican,’ Hanson said. ‘We need someone who has a proven record of actually doing what needs to be done for this District.’”


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