Meet Meagan

Conservative values aren’t just a talking point for Meagan Hanson.

They’re how she lives her life.

With her father in construction and her mother a teacher, Meagan’s learned from a young age the value of a good education and the need for grit, not government, to succeed.

To afford quality health care, Meagan’s father took on a second job. Her mother earned her college degree while raising two young children and preparing to have a third. Her parents made substantial sacrifices to move their family across town so Meagan and her siblings could attend the best public schools possible. These sacrifices fuel her passion for conservative principles and instilled in her the value of hard work and the determination to succeed no matter what obstacles are thrown in her way.

Meagan came from humble beginnings and knows socialism would destroy the American dream she’s had a chance to achieve.

She worked her way through college, and it was in law school where her dedication to help families like her own was born, choosing to study family law so she could do everything she can to protect children.

From a young age, Meagan has led on the frontline of the conservative movement, working on the grassroots level and running local and state Republican organizations. But when her community was unhappy with their representation at the state level, Meagan stepped up to run for public office for the first time.

Despite facing a tough primary field as a political newcomer and taking on a popular and well-funded Democrat incumbent, Meagan won. Every day she fought for Georgia families, from decreasing the traffic clogging our streets to standing up for mothers to have the opportunity to take sick leave to helping restaurants increase their operations, creating more local jobs.

Meagan has since taken on the fight to protect our court system from liberal activists. She’s fighting to help families keep more of their money, stop the clogging of the court system, and protect people and small businesses from frivolous lawsuits. Inspired by the nominations of Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett and witnessing the Democrats desperation to expand the Supreme Court, Meagan has taken on the charge to prevent court-packing and keep our judicial system in line with the Constitution.

She continues to fight for families but now also her own. Like many Georgia families, she’s concerned about the national debt being passed onto her children and future generations. She sees the socialist policies coming from Democrats in D.C. and Atlanta with higher taxes and more government spending that will cripple the economy and devastate Georgia families.

But it was in witnessing the radical policies put forth during President Biden’s first hundred days – the addition of trillions of dollars to the nation’s debt, the push to Defund the Police, and the cancel culture propelled by self-serving progressive politicians in D.C. and Georgia costing our local economy money and jobs – that drove Meagan to fight again.

Meagan Hanson is running for Congress to stop liberals at every turn – to defeat tax increases, to reduce government’s footprint on our daily lives, and to make sure families are safe and secure, both financially and in their neighborhoods.

Meagan, her husband David, and their two young children live in north Sandy Springs.