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Meagan Hanson Issues Statement, Slams McBath for Blind Pro-Choice Compliance



ATLANTA – Today, conservative Meagan Hanson issued the following statement in response to NARAL’s endorsement of liberal Lucy McBath (D-GA). NARAL, a pro-choice abortion rights organization, endorsed Lucy McBath and a handful of other candidates in its first round of 2022 endorsements this week, praising Lucy for her “unwavering commitment to fighting for reproductive freedom” and for leading “the fight to safeguard abortion access.”


“As a Christian, as a mother, and as a conservative, I am proud to be pro-life. The fact that a politician who supports taxpayer-funded abortions currently represents me, my family, and Georgia’s 6th District is appalling and unacceptable,” said Meagan. “NARAL has backed liberal Democrat Lucy McBath in my race because they know she will blindly greenlight their pro-choice agenda. If left unchecked, Lucy McBath will continue to be a rubber stamp for the pro-choice movement – which is exactly why voters must replace her with a strong, pro-life conservative woman in 2022.”



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