Taxes & Spending

It is crucial that we keep taxes low and end out-of-control government spending. American families and businesses need opportunities, not obstacles. Our government has a spending problem, and Meagan knows that taking more money out of the wallets of hardworking Georgians is not the answer.

The United States has reached the point where the national debt is so large that the number is almost inconceivable. China owns the United States right now, and we’re mortgaging our kids’ futures to finance the far-left’s radical agenda. Meagan will fight reckless spending and work to make the 2017 tax cuts permanent so our families can keep more of their hard-earned money.

A Secure Border & Nation

Thanks to liberal Democrats like Lucy McBath, our nation is facing an ongoing border crisis and threats to our national security. Our families deserve safe neighborhoods to live and raise their children in, but the disastrous policies of the far-left are having real consequences for our communities.

Meagan will support policies that provide our law enforcement agencies the tools they need, support investments in border security to stop illegal immigration, and ensure that we lead from a position of strength and make sure our military is prepared to keep Americans safe from growing threats from China, Russia, and Iran.

Defend the Police

Here in Georgia, our neighborhoods are facing a historic crime wave – with record homicides and violent attacks. Instead of supporting the anti-cop rhetoric of the Left, Meagan will ensure law enforcement has the tools and support they need to restore law and order to our communities. Our first responders put their lives on the line every day, which is why Meagan will empower our police to clean up our cities and keep our families safe.


The values Meagan learned at home will guide her actions in Congress – a strong Christian faith, a quality education to help children rise up and achieve the American Dream, and relying on our God-given talents and not the government. She will fight for your children like they are her own. Meagan will work to protect the lives of our children and provide Georgia families more access to school choice and the education they deserve. Every child deserves a chance to succeed and live the American Dream.

American Dream

Raised on the principles of faith, family, and hard work, Meagan was blessed to live the American Dream. That’s why she will always fight for the family values – quality education, and individual responsibility – that have enabled millions of Americans to achieve new heights of prosperity and success. As a mother of two, she will always fight the socialist agenda of the far Left and ensure that our children have the chance to achieve the American Dream.

Radical Left Agenda & Cancel Culture

From hiking taxes to blowing out the national debt to defunding the police, Lucy McBath and the far-left are advancing an agenda designed to increase government control and chip away at our rights. They are using cancel culture to silence their opponents and advance their agenda, and it’s hurting Georgians. When the MLB decided to move its All-Star game out of Atlanta based on lies and liberal talking points, our local economy lost out on $150 million. Meagan will always stand up to the left’s radical agenda and cancel culture, and she’ll work tirelessly to preserve our way of life in Georgia.


As a mother of two young children, Meagan understands the value of life. A Georgia Life Alliance Certified Candidate in her state legislative race, she will defend life at all stages and stand against taxpayer-funded abortions.


Metro Atlanta traffic is out of control, and with more and more people moving into our communities for the incredible opportunities Georgia offers, we need dependable, 21st century infrastructure. Meagan will fight for real investment in local infrastructure, not multi-trillion dollar partisan boondoggles funded by tax hikes and increased deficit spending.