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Where’s Lucy? McBath Dodges Questions on Trillion-Dollar Dem Boondoggle




ATLANTA – In a desperate attempt to avoid answering for her radical agenda, Congresswoman Lucy McBath spent the weekend dodging questions about her support for Nancy Pelosi’s trillion-dollar spending package. While every other Georgia Democrat proudly asserted their approval of the boondoggle, which is the largest in U.S. history, Lucy repeatedly declined to go on the record about her planned vote for the legislation, which will both fund a grab bag of socialist policies and increase taxes on Georgia families. As the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports:


“The only Georgia Democrat who didn’t weigh in is Rep. Lucy McBath. She declined several requests for comment through a spokesperson. It isn’t unusual for the Marietta Democrat to sidestep public comments on contentious issues. Every position she takes will be used by Republican opponents hoping to knock her out of her swing suburban Atlanta district, which could become even more conservative after redistricting.”


“Even Lucy McBath knows that her far-Left politics are too radical for her district – which is why she’s dodging questions about her support for Nancy Pelosi’s trillion-dollar boondoggle,” said Meagan Hanson, conservative candidate for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. “The people of Georgia’s 6th Congressional District deserve an answer. It’s time for Lucy to stop hiding behind Nancy Pelosi’s coattails.”



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